Saturday, July 2, 2011

Female Atheist Bloggers Who Rock My World!

I would like to put the focus/spotlight on blogs I love to read. I love to read what women atheists have to say and I want to share some of the best blogs that I read. After reading, if you think I need to add anymore, please let me know. I am sure I have left out some awesome ones and would love to add them!

Check out this blogger! This particular article address the hypocricy of christians who focus on one verse in Leviticus and use it to fuel thier hatred of gay people, but who totally ignore the other verses. Check out Monica's whole blog!!
Greta Christina is one blogger who, after I read her pieces, either on this blog or (AlterNet) I always end up saying to myself: "Wow! I wish I could have said it that way" She puts many of my views into words. She is actually my hero! You may also enjoy Greta Christina's blogs on sex and sexuality. Check her out for sure!! If you only read one piece written by Greta Christina I would highly recommend this one: Why are atheists sometimes angry? Here is Greta Christina's take on it.
Christine is funny and sarcastic and she has entertaining "eye candy" :) Her writing is brilliant! I love her sense of humor. Here is how she introduces her blog: provides hottie jesus eye candy and in-depth analysis of life before, during, and after JC and company. Love it!

Next up: RosaRubicondior from the United Kingdom. Rosa calls herself:  A Centre-left atheist humanist with a rational view of the universe and deeply in awe of the this beautiful planet and the cosmos which produced it.  She is a very good writer and I have enjoyed reading her blog. Her latest is very funny and will make you go hmmmmm.

I also read a lot of Godless Girl's blog. Here is one of my favorites: I love her "Quote" section too. “Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions” — Blaise Pascal

Vyckie Garrison

Her blog focus in on the "quiverfull" movement and I find her blog facinating. I can relate a lot to the way Vyckie Garrison was raised. I think she has used her writing like I have: A way to vent, share and infom others so we can pull out of the cloud religion leaves us under and see the sun!

Okay, I know I am writing about my favorite female bloggers, because I feel men get a lot of focus in the atheist world, but I have to include one dude because he is sooo cool and a great feminist. I don't think he will even mind me using the word. I love you!

Hugs and love to my friends here and please send me other favorite female bloggers and I will be glad to add them to my list. I am not a man-hater, but I think women in the atheist world need to be recognized for their awesome accomplishments. I love Sam, Richard and Christopher.. a lot... but I also want women to see great role models who are also women. (except Kriss... He is an exception because I think he is awesome)

Feel free to leave your respectful comments.

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