Thursday, August 5, 2010

Does Your God Hear?

Does Your God Hear?
By Catherine T. Horan and Lori Atkinson

Does your god hear you

When you pray,

And ask that your daughter

Not be gay?

Is his voice a comfort

As you sleep?

Does he join in your sorrow

as you weep?

Does god really care

that she loves with her heart,

Beyond just a body,

beyond just a part?

Didn’t your god

Make her that way?

When he doesn’t answer

What do you say?

Does your god shun

And remove from his care,

A person like me?

Would that really be fair?

His perfection so endless;

His mercy so pure;

You worship and love him;

And hope for a cure

But what if your god,

Looks down on your tears,

Wondering why you don’t love,

Someone so dear?

Your own flesh and blood,

Hurting from your disdain,

Begging for love,

So scarred from the pain.

Does your world only foster

Such anger and hate,

That your very own child

Is only acceptable straight?

If your god is love,

Then I ask you to see:

Love comes in all forms

So can’t you JUST LOVE ME?

Although I don't believe in god, I think that this poem might be helpful for people who do. Does it make you think?


  1. Lovely! I am gay, atheist, formerly a Pentecostal minister. Your poem should strike a chord in the hearts of many. Brava... well done.

  2. Yes, it does, Lori. Thank you. Very moving.

  3. What a beautiful poem.

  4. Dear Calvary church, stay off my blog. I don't care what you have to say. Did you even read this poem?


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